Affiliate Insurance Schemes and it’s value to you

Affiliate Insurance Schemes

The insurance industry is massive. It makes vast amounts of money as the population needs insurance and some policies are a legal requirement. With so much money being generated, there is a great opportunity presented by joining affiliate insurance schemes. There are also a number of different niches within insurance. This provides an opportunity to specialise by focusing on a narrow niche.

How Do Affiliate Insurance Schemes Work?

Simply, we will provide you with a track-able affiliate link to our website and a landing page dedicated to you. We can tailor the process to suit your business if something different or creative is required.

Our design and marketing team can design any banners or imagery that you require. Our sales team know where every lead is generated from and our system tracks any sale right through to when our accounts team pay you. Once its set, its set forever and certainly for every year the policy renews, you will receive income.

Its a numbers game, of course. The more leads, the more sales, equalling in more income. We have complex financial modelling tools that can produce 1, 2 and 3 year plans and with your input real live figures can be calculated within minutes.

The number speak for themselves. Insurance is an extraordinarily large market. There is definitely the ability to drill down into each of these sectors further and still have more than enough traffic to generate significant revenue.

What are the Benefits of Affiliate Insurance Schemes to you?

Most of affiliate programs in the insurance space are lead generation affiliate programs. This means that you get paid when someone you refer requests a quote.
In Some programs, you will get paid if someone completes the application. This person will not necessarily buy insurance.

What are some of the Pros of Insurance Affiliate Marketing?

  • Massive Customer Base: There are lots of people that needs insurance that covers lots of different needs or situations.
  • Reputable Companies: Lots of the companies you will be affiliated with are highly respected, household names.
  • Lots of Sub-Niches: Insurance is such a broad market.
  • Complex Industry: Lots of people need help choosing their insurance. If you can offer clear and simple advice, you can win a lot of potential customers.
  • Repeat business: People need to renew insurance regularly. They also buy lots of different types of insurance. There are opportunities for repeat business if you can build a good relationship with customers.

Want to get started Bespoke Insurance?

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