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Family Life Insurance

Secure your family’s financial future

Providing family life insurance to clients local to our offices in Fleet, Hampshire.

A family depends financially on the main bread-winner or very commonly both partners jointly provide the households income. This type of life insurance is essential for every family because if one of you were no longer there to provide, the financial implications for those left behind could be devastating.

The single lump benefit amount your family could receive should the worst happen can be used to clear household debts like the mortgage or car loans.  Just as importantly you can choose to provide a monthly income to replace yours for a chosen period of time to care for your children until they become dependent, for example.

Browse our family insurance products to find what you are looking for:

Life insurance Cover for the family
Life Insurance

This Policy provides a lump sum payment to cover the repayment of debts such as a mortgage and loans in the event of the policyholders death.

Mortgage protection insurance
Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage life insurance pays a lump sum to cover your mortgage if you die within the term of the policy.

Family Income Protection
Family Income Protection

This insurance pays out a regular monthly income upon death offering continued financial security to grieving relatives when the unexpected happens.

Whole of Life Assurance
Whole Life Assurance

Whole-of-life assurance is a higher level of cover because your family can claim whenever you die, rather than have an upper age limit.

Over 50s Life Insurance
Over 50s Life Insurance

Its a fact that life insurance premiums rise as we get older because the risk of us passing increases. If you are over 50 then there are specialist policies designed for those requiring insurance cover later in life.

Critical Illness Insurance Cover
Critical Illness Cover

Should you be unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness then you can receive a tax-free cash lump sum.

Funeral Plans
Funeral Plans

With funeral costs rising far in excess of inflation, it is an unfortunate fact that, for many families, budgeting by traditional means may not cover the costs.