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Complete our bespoke life insurance quotation request. We have designed it with you in mind and it is fast and easy to complete, even if you have complex requirements. Every quote is looked at by one of our insurance specialists guaranteeing you receive the best advice and to make sure your cover is arranged correctly.

What can we cover for you?

Level Term Life Insurance

  • You set up a term during which you are covered, for example, 30 years, along with a sum insured.
  • If you pass during this term, the agreed sum is paid out.
  • Premiums are affordable and normally paid monthly.

Decreasing Term Life Insurance

  • This insurance also lasts for an agreed term.
  • It differs because the payout decreases every year.
  • It is normally used to cover one large expenditure, such as a mortgage.
  • Premiums are usually cheaper than Level Term premiums.

Who would benefit from life insurance?

  • Married people – the death of a partner and the loss of an entire income leaves just one person covering all expenses, which will be costly.
  • Those with children – both to protect day-to-day costs of raising a family but also to save for future expenses of things like university.
  • Those that have retired – again, your spouse may struggle financially if you were to pass.

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